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Properties management in Menorca

The maintenance service is not only addressed to non-residents in Menorca who have some property on the island and they need someone to take care of it while not there; It is also a good service for the residents who do not have enough time for it.

We offer different fees depending on the services you need, and besides we offer other services that can be hired independently and all the time you require them.

Many of our services include a quality report, that will be given to the owner upon completation. Eventually including all those problems that we come axross the building, recommendations for improvements, etc.



  • Keys keeping
  • Administrative work (mail pickup and receipts payment)
  • 2 visits a month, with additional visits in case of storm.
  • Visits motivated by works from external companies * (annual average of 28 hours)
  • Small Repairs with low cost, are included.
  • winter storage
  • Merchandise receiving (maximum 2 per month)
  • 10% Discount on following services: tuning , end of season, check-out and during stay.


  • Keys keeping
  • 2 visits a month, taking into account possible additional visits if there are a temporary.
  • Additional visits motivated by works from external companies * (annual average of 14 hours)
  • Small Repairs with low cost, are included
  • Merchandise receiving (maximum 2 per month)

Basic maintenance fee

    • Keys keeping
    • 1 visit per month, with additional visits in case of storm.
    • Goods receipt , 1 per month 

Services on request

Service in the case of works in the villa

Monitoring the work that will be done in the property


Windows, shutters and front door cleaning.
Sweeping and mopping floors, moving the furniture.
Fast painting on the worst areas.
Kitchen: cupboards, fridge and oven; clean and check its operation
Review of the tableware, cutlery and glassware.
Lamps and fixtures cleaning. Replacing light bulbs where necessary.
Bathrooms: wipe and remove calcareous deposits on taps and tiles.
Check condition of beds, mattresses, pillows and bed frames.
Check curtains and fast wash if necessary (required laundry, is charged separately)
Sofas, chairs and cushions cleaning (required laundry, is charged separately)
Check electricity, water and gas facilities (short repair included, long ones charged separately)

* At the end of the tuning we will sent to the owner a report detailing the work and necessary purchases not included in the price

End of season

Floor sweeping and mopping , including the back side of the fridge.
Clean the bathrooms including tiles.
Kitchen: cupboards, tile and home appliance. Taking special attention in the fridge.
Clean all the elements of the bedroom,
Store pillows and other bedding (required laundry, is charged separately)
Clean and store inside the outdoor furniture

* We send to the owner a report with needs and improvements for the next season.

winter storage

Check all doors, windows and shutters to be in good condition, so that close and open properly, and lubricate the doors hinges and locks.

Checks the operation of:

      • Taps and hydrants, and closed down the main water valve.
      • Electrical system; read the light meter and disconnects the power in those   properties where do not have dehumidifier.
      • Gas system. (Change the rubber hose if required, is not included).

Check the walls, tile and shingles, that are in good condition, and also check moisture in the property.

* We send to the owner a report with needs and improvements for the next season.

Check-out cleaning

This is done when the guest leaves the apartment and we make it ready  for  the new ones.
Change bedding, towels, mats, kitchen cloth, etc
Full bathroom cleaning and if it’s necessary replace shower curtain
Cleaning of floors, stairs, terrace, windows and clean the dust on the furniture.
Kitchen: sweeping, scrubbing and clean worktop, oven, cupboards and refrigerator. (We will throw away any food or drink left by the previous guest).
Throw the garbage.
Call whichever technical staff that will be necessary for repair or refit in the property.
Note: By the end of one’s stay ,in case the apartment has been left in  bad conditions and requires some extra work ,an additional fee will be charged.

Cleaning during the stay

 It occurs in the middle of a guest stay when they remain more than one week.

      • Change of bedding.
      • Sweeping and mopping floors
      • Clean the kitchen, (not deeply)
      • Clean the bathroom
      • Tidy up house
      • Taking out the garbage

Cleaning on request

The cleaning service that is not included in any of the above services.
Request a quote for your needs. Standard price indicated in the rate card.
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