Frequently Asked Questions

Annual rental

Who pays the agency fees?

It depends on the conditions set by the owner. Normally the renter pays 100% of the fees although Menorcanimo recommends that the fees are equally split between the renter and the owner, paying 50% each.

Why is it worth it  to contact an agency to find a rental?

Because  you can lay back while we will make sure to go around looking for the most suitable property which match with your needs and criterias. Moreover , we negotiate with the owner on your behalf and you can feel safe by having an official contract which legally guarantee the conditions of your rental.

How many times do the estate agency fees need to be paied?

Fees are paid only once by entering first the new property.

Who pays the rates?

Normally all charges related to the owning of the property are expected to be assumed by the owner.

Who pays the bills ? (e.g.electricity, water and gas? )

The renter is responsible for paying the bills as he is the one who is making  use of  them.

How are the bills paid?

It depends on the owner’s mind.

The usual options are:


Bills are directly addressed to the renter, so that the owner doesn’t need to worry all the time about getting in touch with the person who is renting the property.

SHORT TERM RENTALS ( depending on the length of the contract)

  1. At the end of the contract the bills are added up and the amount relative to the renter is taken off from the deposit payment.
  2. Bills are addressed to the owner who is going to forward them to the renter each time after getting them .

Is the owner obliged to provide furniture, kitchen appliances, bedding, etc?

No, the owner does not have to provide any of the above list mentioned. Although, on the other side, a property providing  as much of these things as possible it will be easier to rent.

Deposit payment rights and obligations when reserving a rental.

If the renter is seriously interested in a property, it is highly  recommended to pay a deposit to reserve the property. By leaving a deposit , you will secure yourself the rental.

The amount of money to be quoted as “DEPOSIT”  can vary : from  a minimum of 200€ to maximum of one month rental.

If the renter backs out he loses the payment.

If the owner backs out he will return the payment to the renter and pay 10% of a month rent to the estate agent.

Seasonal renting

Whose  properties are the ones offered?

Private owners have been previously authorized Menorcainmo to rent their properties during the season.

Why is it recommendable to rent private  properties through Menorcanimo?

Because Menorcanimo requires private owners to keep a minimum standard of quality on the rented properties.
The final price offered by Menorcanimo is the same as the price asked by the owner.
In case  of deals with one of the properties offered, Menorcanimo has the possibility to move the renters to another property with similar characteristics.

Which service are included with the offered properties?

Menorcanimo provides you laundry and domestic services such as  receiving the first supermarket shop on arrival, babysitting , private chefs, masseuse, booking of activities, etc.

Will I find the same decoration, furniture and kitchen appliances as shown in the photographs?

Menorcanimo asks owners to maintain the quality shown on the website. If, on arrival, you find something not right then contact Menorcanimo and we will do our best to sort it out.

Who will deliver us the keys?

It depends on the property.  Either you can collect them from reception, or we will give you the keys in person or sometimes the keys will be dropped in a special key safe with a code.
In case of unavailability for the  collection of  the keys, Menorcanimo will make itself in charge of visiting within the first 24 hours.

For any problem you might come across , either upon arrival or during your stay, you can contact Menorcanimo. Tel: (00 34) 646344077 either by a phone call, text message or whatsapp. Also via email: emails are checked every 30 minutes.

Is wifi available in all of the properties?

Most properties do not have wifi but you could install it for the duration of your stay as long as the owner agrees.

who should I contact In case of a problem with the rented property?

Menorcanimo staff are available during usual office hours for any kind of query and 24hours in case of emergency.

Do the properties have towels and bedding?

All of the properties have a set of bedding per bed and a set of towels per guest.

Are pets allowed?

It depends on the owner. Ask Menorcanimo to find out which one allows pets.


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