Frequently Asked Questions Buy

Frequently Asked Questions Buy

– What does involve the Visit Sheet?

On one hand it is used  to have control over the visits to the property for both the Agency and the owner and thus both buyer and seller recognize the intervention of the Agency and informs them on the rights and obligations involved, such as:

  •  The payment of renumeration
  • If the buyer once visited the property with the real estate, attempt the direct purchase with the owner, and the owner accesses, both will maintain the obligations with the Agency.

What is the  “Nota Simple” for?

It shows whether the property is free of charge and  checks who are the owners, the location, meters and if there is a charge on property

What is the energy performance certificate?

It is a document that contains all information about the characteristics of energy and CO2 emissions of a house or part of it in relation to its size.
It is written by a qualified technician and have handled once the property is included in a category between A and G

Are all the buildings required to have energy performance certificate?

No, the ones exempted are:

  • 1. The apartments rented for less than 4 months
  • 2. Those protected buildings and monuments which alters their appearance
  • 3. Isolated buildings with less than 50 square meters useful
  • 4. places of worship or religious;
  • 5.temporary buildings for less than two years; and the non-residential industrial and agricultural buildings section.

What properties are required? What happens if you do not have the certificate?

Properties placed for sale require the energy performance certificate. At the time of sale notary claims the document. Owners who do not have the certificate shall be punished with a fine. The price ranges between  300€ and 6,000 €, depending on whether the infringement is minor, serious or very serious



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